Our professional, dedicated staff has many years of experience assisting the elderly and disabled, with caring, personal attention to each unique situation.

With The Eldercare Allegiance
Total Solutions Care Process


Expedited Home Care

Expedited Home Care


Eldercare Allegiance knows that the demand for care sometimes happens quickly, when your loved one is being discharged from a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or requires round-the-clock care at home immediately. You know there will likely be Medicaid funding for the future, but who will help care for your family member while you’re waiting?
What if it’s beyond your means to pay them?

If you’re eligible, Eldercare Allegiance can help you reduce the processing time of the Medicaid application to 7-10 days — and get authorization for (medically necessary) 24-hour Home Care Services by the end of the second week. You may even be able to hire your own aides, including family members, under the Consumer’s Directed Personal Assistance Services/Program.

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Insightful Medicaid Eligibility
Planning and Asset Protection


Long-term care means long-term expenses, yet most private health plans and even Medicare do not cover long-term home care. Enter Medicaid. Medicaid does cover long-term home care, as well as a number of other important costs:

Prescription Drugs * Medicare Deductibles & Co-insurance * Dental Care * Vision Care * Hearing Aids * Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Yet Medicaid rules and guidelines are both strict and intricate. Eldercare Allegiance’s Home Care Financial Planning Process can help you effectively protect your hard-earned assets, home and income, while accessing the care your loved one needs.

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Excess Income Solutions

Excess Income Solutions


Medicaid has rigid rules about allowable income levels. Similar to deductibles, anything above those amounts – minus the cost of the health insurance premiums – must first be spent on medical bills before the person can receive Medicaid benefits. You can also choose to pay your excess income directly to Medicaid to meet your monthly surplus, and therefore activate your Medicaid coverage. But practically speaking, living on the monthly income which the senior is allowed to keep is nearly impossible.

Eldercare Allegiance is qualified to help you identify your income level in relation to Medicaid rules, and if necessary, set up a Pooled Income Trust, a way to legally handle “excess” income while remaining eligible for Medicaid benefits for the current need.

We gladly take the time to help you understand how Medicaid works, and make the process as simple and smooth as we can.

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Full-Service Application Processing & Submission

Full-Service Application
Processing & Submission


We have a systematic approach to ensure that your documentation is complete and up-to-date, and we’ll patiently explain what you need and why. We’ll even help you obtain documentation when necessary, and make sure it’s filed in accordance with Medicaid guidelines for timely approval.

We're Different

We're Different


Eldercare Allegiance doesn’t just provide Medicaid processing services and information, and we don’t just hand you off to an agency, or leave you to find one on your own. If you so desire, we’ll help you help your elderly or disabled family members by actively assisting you… including helping you while you’re choosing the best possible home care staff for your loved one. And, unlike other firms, we’re not exclusively affiliated with any one agency or provider, although we have strong relationships with many of them. Plus, we care about and understand people, especially the elderly. All of this helps us to help you find the right fit for your family’s needs.

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Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance


Applying for Medicaid on your own is challenging. Time is of the essence when you are trying to provide for someone in need. And any mistake can result in denial of Medicaid benefits, a very costly error.

With years of industry experience, we know the New York State Medicaid and Home Care Planning process inside and out. We’ll guide you through this maze with a strategy that meets your specific needs, in a supportive and caring manner, to the best of our ability.

Eldercare Allegiance’s expertise and personal attention to your situation could help you save thousands of dollars, avoid emotional anguish, and protect and secure your assets for generations to come.

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